“We want to take care of our planet,
We belong to this planet,
this planet is our Root.”

About us

Revolutionary ideas are born of everyday life.

We are two Franco-Italian entrepreneurs who have spent many years living in Italy and Singapore together with our children. From our experience in Asia, we have kept the habit of using a water bottle on a daily basis.

Having now settled in central France, we enjoy taking family hikes through the local countryside, following forest trails and admiring the sweeping views from the volcanic peaks. It was against this backdrop that we nurtured the idea of change focusing on a simple water bottle. We wanted to develop a bottle that was not only stylish and highly efficient, but also easy to carry wherever you go.

Root Feed The Change (Root-FTC) was born.

Like a root weaving through the constant flux of our everyday life, Root-FTC has revolutionized and reinvented vacuum-insulated water bottles by incorporating ultra-resistant cords. A simple idea that makes all the difference, nurturing change and creating the perfect container for every kind of adventure.

And it is here in the United States, at the heart of South Carolina, that we hope that Root Feed The Change comes of age.

Our values

A Root-FTC water bottle allows you to quench your thirst wherever you might be, while holding high performance, ecology and design in the palm of your hand.

More than a simple flask, the Root-FTC water bottle incorporates all the very latest technology (see here).

No waste. The future of our planet is in our hands. Nurturing change is all very well, as long as it is done with sustainability in mind.
Re-usable, containing no BPA and easy to carry wherever you go, Root-FTC helps you reduce your plastic consumption. These easy-to-wash bottles are long-lasting and contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Simply unique. The strength of Root-FTC also lies in its unique design devised by one of the leading Italian designers from Milan Design School (IED). Holding this technical accomplishment in their hands, our adventurers are also the proud owners of a unique work of art that perfectly embodies avant-garde Italian design.

Freedom & adventure
And what if we were free to pursue our adventures in the certainty of nurturing the very change the world needs?
Root-FTC embodies the freedom to travel and experience adventure, safe in the knowledge that your drink is always close at hand at the desired temperature. Its unique cords are a firm favorite, not only with sportspeople but also with hikers and families out for a walk, offering each and every one of them a tailor-made means of carrying their bottle.

So much more than a water bottle, Root-FTC is every adventurer’s daily companion.




stands for “where I belong to”, a deeper connection with our planet, a message of environmental consciousness that will bring awareness to our Users.

Feed the Change.

Is our payoff, our belief, a message of willingness to be part of something big and meaningful.

To live a better life and to take care of our planet we need a change and we are the ones who have to fight for a change, we are the change, and we Feed the Change..